Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shows, Shows, Shows.

One cannot anticipate the size of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I thought I had my head wrapped around it, had prepared, but this is the biggest thing I've ever seen. Every pub, hotel, theatre, coffee shop has three different venues with shows on from noon to 1am. I went to a Unitarian Church service this morning and even that was a Fringe Venue.
The amazing thing is- most of the shows are packed. The adventurous, up for anything spirit of the audiences here are inspiring. And it has rubbed off on me. I saw three shows last night, 8:30, 9:45, 11pm, and if had been given a flyer for one starting at 12:30 I probably would have gone to that one too.
(Full disclosure- my show yesterday was packed and awesome, which seriously helped with my "up for anything" attitude. If we had had another bunch of hooligans, the only thing I would have wanted to see would have been the covers over my head.)
I have a show today at 3:45, seeing a show at 6, doing a stand up spot at 7:30 and hopefully watching something at 9. And if you see me wandering back to my apartment, have a show after midnight and give me a flyer, I might see that too.

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