Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Half Tourist-Half Working

One of the most challenging things for a performer's first time in Edinburgh is striking the balance between working on your show and also being a tourist in this amazingly beautiful city. So I've come up with some ways to promote my show while taking in the sights and sounds of Edinburgh:

1. Walk to the top of King Arthur's Seat. While there, I can do excerpts from my show complete with microphone and full costume.

2. Go one of those haunted murder tours, pretend to get possessed by the ghost of Deacon Brodie and have him tell everyone to go see David Lee Nelson...Status Update.

(By the way, these murder tours are crazy. How awful to have your death be so horrific that tour groups will buy tickets to see where it happened, and out of work actors will get paid to recount the gory details.)

3. Make a kilt out of extra show fliers.

4. Start an international incident by claiming to see the Loch Ness Monster. This will be made all the more remarkable by my never having been to Loch Ness.

5.Start playing the bagpipes. And threaten to not stop playing the bagpipes until every show is sold out.

6. Get sick by eating Haggis everyday. This has nothing to do with my show, I just don’t have health insurance back home and really need to see a doctor while I’m here.

7. Go on a pub crawl everyday and continuously call drunk Scotsman “English”. The severe beatings I incur will not only get David Lee Nelson...Status Update in all the papers, but it will also achieve the objective laid out in #6.

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